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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Times 6th Annual Artopia-Art|Fashion|Film|Music|Food|Culture
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Last year I tried to make it out to this party, but due to a location mix-up, I ended up in the wrong place entirely. Oh well. It happens, right? :P Anyway, this year sounds like it's going to be even better and I'm definitely in high anticipation! Of course, I want to mention some of my good friends and their projects/some of the inspiring visual artists as well. Please check out the links I've provided to get better acquainted with everyone.

Artists curated by: 

The musical line up features artists such as: 

 If you read the previous review, I shouldn't have to say too much more. However, this woman is not only insanely intelligent, but her talent matches her IQ. She is one of Miami's most bad ass, go-to audio engineers & a kick-ass, sound technician. To me, her beats are wickedly nostalgic, but not really so much of the past. The nostalgia is more of a déjà vu, I suppose. I say that because I feel like it takes me into the future, to a familiar feeling of a memory or time I've yet to experience. It's almost melancholic but it doesn't sink you too low. 

 Golden San
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"This be that hard core dark outer-space bass"
If that doesn't say enough well, then, you're reading the wrong blog. :P

Golden San is comprised of my two very good friends, Charlie Winkler and Michelangelo Chavarro. These two are a powerful team with Charlie as the producer and Michelangelo as the vocal front-man. You can hear an obvious influence from both artists, the sounds' vibe resonates heavy with parts of both worlds.  Charlie brings beats that sound like they were made in an audio laboratory on a distant planet and Michelangelo doesn't just draw you in with his distinct voice, but he carries you through a journey of poetic, hip-hop turmoil. When both of those elements are combined you're left with music that leaves you feeling the chaos of the universe while reminding you that there is light in every dark corner.
  I definitely recommend giving them a listen and a like.

This photo is also a link...

Skinny Hendrix is a really awesome Miami DJ with an even awesome-r mustache. If you don't believe me, just come out to the show and see it for yourself! He spins everything from your favorite 90's hip-hop hits to the raunchy, twerktastic, millennium-baby trap music. Yes, I just said twerktastic and no, I'm not necessarily proud of that, but I'll let it fly, for now.

The line up of Visual Artists is as follows: 


You have to be blind if you haven't seen this guy's work around town. His style is completely his own (I'm a big fan of his use of color and his line work.) He's well known for the giant boom box in Wynwood, a collaboration with #CHORBOOGIE, but some of his wall murals are so beautiful. If I were you, personally, I'd go check out one of his newer pieces over at #TheStageMiami that went up this past Basel. Also, congrats on the New Times cover, yo.

*This is an article that features both Trek Six and Kazilla. Keep up the sick work.


Alright, what can't you say about this girl?! If you haven't seen her murals, perhaps you've seen her live painting at various local events, big and small. Last year I was able to see her at the Virgina Key Grassroots Miami Festival of Music and Art and if you come out to Artopia, you'll get to experience her working LIVE. In yo' face. This chick is a bad ass! Just check out some of her larger murals and tell me you disagree, I dare you.


I recently just met this artist through Miami Free Art Fridays! He picked up one of my drops and gave me some stickers in exchange. He also mentioned how he had really wanted my piece and I just so happened to have dropped it next to a Registered Artist stencil of a weathered looking Mickey Mouse smoking a cigarette, just a few steps away from WYN 317. Check out his website, you'll start to see that menacing face all over the city once you know what it looks like. >:) His urban art is awesome, I'm a big fan.


Another Miami fast rising artist, 8BitLexicon, has a unique style as he develops his art in pixel form. You'll see lots of really fun Mario themed pieces in this style. I also saw that Mr. Brainwash himself made a post on Instagram that showed some of his work. Go you! 

Needless-to-say, the music will be bangin', your booties will surely be bouncin' and the art will be stimulating, to say the least. 
(I haven't even touched on the Fashion|Film|Culture or Food aspects of this event.)

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