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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Congrats Otto Von Schirach: Miami New Times finalist for "Mastermind" 2014 award!

If you haven't heard of this man and his project, you must be sleeping under a rock. Before I berate you for not yet experiencing this awesome madness, I highly suggest that you pull up your Google search engine, take a seat & a deep breath to prepare yourself for some sick-nasty Miami Bass, infused with undeniably delicious Latin flavors and spices. If that isn't seductive enough, try adding in a good bit of enticing, sci-fi visual themes that consist of (but are not limited to:) dinosaurs, a Monkey Astronaut, space aliens and Alligator Jesus?! I'm sold. I should also definitely advise bracing yourself and buckling your seat belt for a wild ride of hysterically dirty Cuban euphemisms, the most luscious trannies in all the 305 and beats that shall surely convince you to dance like a ho.

Otto Von Schirach, signed to Monkeytown Records alongside other great artists such as Siriusmo, Mouse on Mars and Modeselektor, is almost always my go-to morning booty music, as well as a favorite artist featured on our party play-lists. When his track, "When Dinosaurs Rule The Earth" comes on the playlist, I've seen reactions of either instant excitement or extreme confusion about what it is they're hearing from the speakers. Needless-to-say, Supermeng is definitely in my top favorite albums to come out of Miami thus far and I highly recommend it. As far as a new record coming out, I can hardly contain my excitement! Congratulations to Otto and his Triangle Earth fam on being nominated for the Mastermind 2014 award (I hope you win!) For those of you going to the Miami New Times Artopia event, be on the look out. 

(All images are links as well. CLICK THE LINKS, DAMMIT!) 

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