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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cog Nomen @ The Wynwood Brewing Co this past Artwalk!

Buffalo Brown
Ulysses Perez

These images are of an awesome project here in Miami called Cog Nomen, performing live at the Wynwood Brewing Co this past Saturday for Artwalk. 

What the *@#& is a Cog Nomen?! Well, if you remove the space you get the term cognomen, meaning a the third name for a citizen of Ancient Rome (or a surname/nickname/family name.)

Cog Nomen in this sense (with a space) is an awesome musical endeavor featuring Miami's own Buffalo Brown and Ulysses Perez. These two are an incredibly talented pair of musicians who merge their individual styles together to create some funky and intergalactic, electro-techno music. My personal favorite Cog Nomen track is titled: Thus Spoke the Insect. To me, it sounds like a cool, robotic grasshopper just traveled through the depths of space in the spring time, landed in a futuristic milk-bar and starts to jam out with the drummer and the guitarist who are performing for the bar patrons by feeding their sounds through advanced alien software. But hey, that's just my imagination. 

Anyway, their performance on Saturday was fantastical as usual. If you have a spare moment why don't you take a listen and make up your own opinion, won't you? :P  

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