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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Clean Dressed, Dirty Mouth?

To take a break from the music, I'd like to share an exhibition titled: "Clean Dressed, Dirty Mouth."  With the help of one of my best friends, David Marsh, alongside Edge Zones Projects in Miami's Design District, this exhibition will feature a diverse spread of artistic talent thanks to seven exceedingly dedicated artists. If you aren't familiar with them, please follow the links I've provided and of course, come check out the exhibit! It features some of Miami's new generation of Master Fine Artists and the Exhibition Preview for all you early birds, is this Thursday, February 6th at 7pm.

Do you recognize this guy?!? :P


Can you see it? Hest is the man. You definitely don't 
want to miss this in person. 

One of Davids smaller pieces, a rare gem indeed. =^~.~^=


One of Pucho's pieces at "Clean Dressed, Dirty Mouth" 

 This is just an example of his work, I'm excited to see 
what he's actually going to be showing at the exhibit!

Ooh la la...

This is an example of what you'll be experiencing of Kerry Ware. 
This image is of a past installation.  I've been hearing about what's in store 
this time and I'm super excited to see it. Expect photos!

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