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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mantra GIFS, AMANDA PALMER, Kickstarter

So we have some amazing news! Not only has our first official music video reached over 1,000 views in less than a week, but tonight an incredibly talented artist, #AmandaPalmer was kind enough to show her support and #Tweet our #Kickstarter !!! Thank you to Jacky Vasquez for reaching out her. <3 The support we have gained is so beautiful and we are so, so, so grateful for everyone's love and support. We have about 5 days left to our campaign and still have quite a bit of money to raise so we can get a safe new tour van. We have some seriously cool incentives for you guys! From t-shirts that we design and print ourselves, to our one of a kind Squirrels and Squirrel Staffs, to private parties and track recordings- we make your donations worth it!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Original Painting by Cortney Cates
Painted Live at #BlendTheFemme

2 ft x 1.25 ft 
Acrylic + Paint Marker on Wood
"Basquiat's Baby"

Friday, January 16, 2015


Finally! The time has come for us to share with everyone our first ever, official music video as a full production by the Telekinetic Family. We filmed, directed, edited and animated all in-house! We turned our conference room into a green screen studio, built a camera track for a dolly, and even got some of Miami's local artists to cameo and collaborate on everything you see from characters, costumes, and for each one of the fonts for "Feelin' Good."
After some trial and error, I can say that we have learned a whole lot and have grown quite a bit through experiencing this process.  Now that we have finally finished this video project we are beyond excited to share it!  It's our first of many music videos to come from the Telekinetic Family, so keep your eyes open! 

May I present:

Original Music Video for: "Mantra" by Telekinetic Walrus off the My People EP.

Corinne Stevie
The Timezoo Keeper
Faun 5000
Y Diz

Directed and Edited by:
Jeffrey "J Dude" Bourgault

Original Animations by:
Cameron Mare
J Dude

Filmed by:
Cortney "See Sea" Cates
Cameron Mare
J Dude

Guest Appearances by:
The Galactic Effect as Billy Goat
Cloud as The Flying Squirrel

Original fonts created for "Feelin' Good" by:
Bruno Vago
Corinne Stevie
Aiyesha Ghani
Cortney "See Sea" Cates

Special Thanks to: The Telekinetic Family and to all the ions near and far.

I would also like to mention that we still have a #KICKSTARTER campaign running and would appreciate any donations or sharing with your networks. We have a really tight team who are ready to make waves in the world by sharing our messages of peace, love and positivity but in order to continue on, we need some help!

(Not to mention that our incentive packages are all really rad.)


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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Step up your selfie game.


It's time to #levelup.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

**KICKSTARTER LAUNCH** Help Telekinetic Walrus save the Multiverse with a new Tour Vessel!

Good evening, lovely friends National and International!
I am writing because we really need your help. Telekinetic Walrus has been trying to take our project to the next level by sharing out message across the furthest of galaxies. So far, we've done two tours in a Honda Odyssey that is on its last leg. It won't make it to Texas for our next tour and so we've decided to ask our friends, family and fans for some extra help. We have finally launched our #Kickstarter because we can't do this alone, but we offer some great rewards in return for your donations. This is where you come in. We have some REALLY AWESOME incentives to offer for our backers and tons of new material and ideas that we have for the future. Help us get one step closer to coming to your town (or in this case, country!)

You know the Walrus would love to get down with y'all in Turkey, Russia, Germany, France, UK, Poland, Canada, and the many, MANY other awesome countries that visit this blog. And, if you can't donate, please consider sharing with your family, friends or anyone who you think may want to support a totally unique project. Because remember, Telekinetic Walrus is much larger than a 6 piece band. It is also a 20+ person Artist Collective, a big part of the Miami Art and Music culture and most importantly, a musical message of spreading peace and love across the Universe. Anything is helpful and we are more than appreciative of the support. Thank you and much love.

 -Cortney Walrus and the rest of the Telekinetic Family.


 Jay Bay our skateboarding cameraman. 
^ Original poster/concept art by Artist Daniel Villa ^



^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

Telekinetic Walrus is known for collaborating with different visual artists for designs on T-shirts. This design is thanks to a lovely artist named #AlexaBerrong

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^  
^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

Here you see me playing with my camera and our DIY dolly system as the boys print and cure a t-shirt.

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

Check out our inflatable pet dino #Steggie as he so nobly perches on top of the speaker. This studio was hand built and custom made by the #TelekineticFamily. Custom down to the lighting (Remote controlled, color changing.)  We take the beats very, VERY seriously over here. 

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^  

In this photo you see Y Diz (L) and J-Dude (R) looking at a new print. This is a small glimpse into our #silkscreening studio and is where #TelekineticWalrus prints all of our t-shirts, In-House!
We also run a local Silk-Screen business called #RähThreads to print T-shirts for other local businesses and this is where it goes down. To be honest, it sometimes feels like more play than work! :P

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^  

The Telekinetic Family Artist Collective is known for collaborating with many of Miami's local artists and musicians. Above is Jake (L) and artist Chy Tea (R) playing with the hot wire foam cutter. You can see his MiTroopers all over Miami.

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^  

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

 ^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

^ Photo by: Eddie Gonzalez ^ 

^ Above Photo is of a cool meeting of the minds we had the other evening when #JneiroJarel #DrWhoDat? came through the Walrus Cave Studio!

[Pictured from Left to Right: Jake (AKA #TheTimeZooKepper), Wyatt (AKA Y DIZ), Corinne Stevie, J.J, Cito (AKA Faun 5000), and Komakozie]