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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Telekinetic Walrus officially announced for III POINTS Festival: Music | Art | Tech

I will definitely write more about this when it gets closer but the official line-up has just been announced!

#TelekineticWalrus @ #IIIPOINTS FESTIVAL! 
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Universal Mantra For My People Presented By The Telekinetic Family (UPDATE!)

The Telekinetic Family will be throwing their next event on 5-31-14 @ The Nest. There will be four, that's right, four different releases that night so be prepared for the portals to open!

Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions will be releasing their latest EP "My People". The Galactic Effect, Phantasman and EDEN GREY | music composer will all be releasing new music as well.

Phaxas Peace, Love, Technicolor, Dream and Cloud will also be performing throughout the night.

Visual enhancements provided by Vj AV8 a.k.a Jason Boogie and Tecné Collective.

Special thanks to the Massive Ideas team!



The Miami New Times named our party as one of

Miami's Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend 
Yay! Thank you New Times! We love you. 

So the event was a great success! We had an nice turnout of all sorts of beautiful and energetic people. Some even shared their mantras with us on our mantra wall. Every artist gave a great performance and I know from a personal standpoint that I left the night feeling lifted. Plus, now we get to enjoy all of these awesome, freshly released tracks!  I've provided link on where you can go to hear for yourself. 

"My People" EP  by Telekinetic Walrus
Cover Art by Corinne Stevie

Be sure to listen to "lifted" ( A special collaboration between Telekinetic Walrus and The Galactic Effect)

"The Beat and Beyond" EP by The Galactic Effect
Cover Art by: Archan Nair

"T H E P H A N T A S M A N" by Phantasman

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moogfest + Asheville Vacation Photos

This month I went on a 10 day vacation up to Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina. I don't really care to write too much about the trip because this isn't a diary and my trip was pretty calm. I spent a lot of my time relaxing and looking up at the sky, but I did get to shoot a bunch of photos that I'm very happy with and I feel that they tell a better story of my vacation than I would by trying to verbally communicate every minute detail. So, to save us all some time, please check out the images I created. I ordered them a little backwards, but the time I spent at Moogfest was a lot of fun and I got to see some pretty legendary performances so I figured we'd start there.

I'm not sure who the artist is in this first photo, I caught the very end of his set but I happened to capture the sunset with the stage and I enjoy the colors. Next, you will see #MIXMASTERMIKE of the #BEASTIEBOYS. He did a great job (of course) and he made sure to hold #MCA in honor every chance he could. It was a truly awesome experience to see him and how he works. It was clear that he is a master of his trade and he had the audience moving the whole time. He played anything from a classic Beastie Boys track to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He felt out the vibe out the Ashevegas crowd goers and gave them a fun party.

You will then see photos of #GiorgioMoroder doing some funky stuff. He looks like he should be behind a giant organ. I also have a couple shots of the jam in the park along with some candids of the people of Asheville. I captured images of Asheville's architecture while walking around; specifically doors, walls and windows that I found to have interesting aesthetics. Moogfest also offered a bunch of fun and colorful installations that were open and free to the public to explore. I took a few photos of the beautiful nature and some of the quirky things I found. Not to mention some amazing mountain views and a creepy long exposure of the Jones Gap Baptist Church.
^ The image on the left was taken probably about 8 years ago on 35mm film. This was always one of my favorite photos of mine. This time around I came by with my 5D and searched for this alleyway to get a photo of what the door looks like now. You can see the drastic changes above. 

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