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Monday, February 3, 2014

Bit Deff: Voodoo // Doll EP Release by #Massiveideas

     CHECK IT: I'd like to take a moment to talk about this new EP by Bit Deff (Jacksonville, FL) titled "Voodoo // Doll". It's the first single-artist release to come from Massive Ideas and was mastered by Miami's own Warp9!

     If you're not familiar, please take a moment to visit the links I've provided. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak :P and so I decided to give this album a listen while working on editing my last set of photos and it was the perfect sound for my mood. It is definitely reminiscent of Beats Antique yet has it's own unique sound and style complimented with some nice, dub-style breakdowns and it creates a visual feeling as if it's taking you on an psychedelic-electronic carpet ride.

     Needless-to-say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! (Enough so to let it repeat a few times over.) It has a pretty sweet balance of upbeat and downbeat paces. I feel like it takes advantage of when to get you pumped up and when to take you on a nice, slow-ride down. Also, be sure to check out the artist, Andy Reed, for the album graphics. Can you believe it's a painting? (and a damn good one!)

     Set to release TOMORROW, on  2/4/2014, Massive Ideas definitely picked a strong first artist to support and one can only expect that each release hereafter will be just as potent. Be sure to check out their website/facebook page to find out about future releases as well as some killer Winter Music Conference parties. Massive Ideas has worked with names like Pretty Lights Music and has brought to Miami some of the most unique acts in the electronic realm such as: Michal Menert, Emancipator, EOTO, Headtron, Break Science, Herobust, Govinda, Phutureprimitive, and many more.

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