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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miami New Times Artopia Photo Recap

I finally made it out to the Miami New Times Artopia event this year! After epically failing last year, I was super happy to be able to join this time around. There were flamenco flash dances and guys doing parkour all over the Coral Gables Museum, tons of booths full of yummy food and free #Becks beer stations everywhere you turned. #SwisherSweets was even out there giving out complementary cigars upon age verification. 

I spent most of my time up on the roof though, at the Pixelation Station (where the real party was happening) with some of my awesome friends, Golden San, Phaxas, Skinny Hendrix and 8BitLexicon. We were joined by brand ambassadors and booths by some of the events' sponsors', #Car2go and #Becks beer! We had the coolest and sweetest bartenders who hung out and hooked it up all night. (Shout-out to our homegirl, Vicki!) 

Anyway, even though we knew it was going to eventually rain (it did) and I had to put my camera away for a while, we braved the weather and continued to celebrate under the tents on the rooftop. I'm happy I was able to photograph under clear skies for a few hours though so I can share my experience with you guys. Enjoy! 


The laptop says "Miami Dolphins DJ" so that must be #DJSupersede ?
Lots of Press, social media and people having a fun time.
Flamenco Dancers. I only saw a small snippet of the flash dance but their outfits were awesome.

Pixelation Station with #8BITLEXICON

 The 8Bit man himself, Alexis Frias, posing with Justin Hamel from #YOUANDIARELOVE
These video games were being played all night long. I think it's safe to say that the Pixelation Station lived up to/held it's title from last year as "Coolest hang out" at Artopia. If you don't believe me just look at the awesomeness of the photo below. It speaks for itself, really. vvv
  Mastermind 2014 award winner (!!!) Otto Von Schirach (congrats!) and his awesome mom, up on the roof at the Pixelation Station, getting down with Mario on 8Bit's installation of some super old school consoles. If I was a bigger nerd I'd probably be able to tell you which consoles they were and what years the games are from but I can't and at least I have photos!
 I also just have to say, I love the outfit :3
(You can actually kinda see the full suit in the photo below.) 
You can't go wrong with a doggie covered suit yo, jus' sayin'. You just can't. 
        Another photo filled with awesome. 8Bit's beautiful girlfriend, Deana Gutierrez (L) and Mariana Mendoza (AKA FigureM) (R) are serious in their game, as that girl posing under Mario looks genuinely happy and excited to be there.
This was too good not to post. FigureM is a professional. :P

 Michelangelo of #thecornerstoners and #goldensan talking with one of Miami's most badass, female street artists, #Kazilla. She's the real deal and definitely leaving her mark ALL OVER this city. She's been killin' it and later I'll talk about an all female show where she'll be exhibiting her work at this month.
These two images ^|v were more just for me and satisfying my compulsions to photograph old architecture, windows and walls. The Coral Gables Museum is visually interesting on its own.


Skinny started off the night by spinning some funky shit, gettin' everybody to start dancing. 
As soon as the music started and the Becks bar was open, people started groovin' and we knew we were going to have a good time 
   Another awesome moment captured. Here you see another New Times Mastermind finalist, Yuri Tuma, giving the lovely Phaxas a hug as Skinny Hendrix closes out his set. He definitely started the night off on the right vibration and drew in attention to the party that was happening on the rooftop.
She killed it, as always. This woman's intelligence, especially when it comes to sound and audio engineering, is unmatched in my opinion. Not only is she sexy, she's also smart as hell and her music is as powerful as her brain. I could probably go on and on talking about how beautiful and awesome she is but I'll just let the photos speak for
Your job, is to click on the link in that big ol' hash tag above this blurb and take a listen for yourself. 
I swear there were so many cameras, amateur and pro, at this event! Hopefully they don't hoard their footage/stills and slap some #hashtags on those b*&#@es so the artists can see the event from their perspectives as well. :P

 "Can you say, I want your bass?" The link I included in their hashtag is to a track called "I want your bass" and I want to share it because it's not just a sick track, it's pretty damn darling. The little girls voice is real and yes, she is absolutely as cute as she sounds! Not to mention, she knows what's up.

Anyway, even though the rain came just after Golden San began performing and the lights got cut off due to water, it didn't stop anyone. I put my flash on, had my plastic bag out just in case, got under the tent and captured the party anyway. The boys decided to continue to perform in the dark and given the situation, the weather actually kinda worked out. It forced all of those who were still brave enough to be outside to get closer. Everyone crowded under the tent and became consumed by the frequencies, both musical and vocal, that were being expelled from the speakers. Both Charlie and Michelangelo were spitting fire that night and seemed to be on the same wavelength.

You can also see in these photos that #Becks did an awesome job at sponsoring the night. People were happy and the free beer definitely helped lubricate the party just in time for Golden San to bring the bass. Unfortunately, the rain got jealous. Still, as previously mentioned, I feel like it only made the performance that much more intimate. Everyone up on the roof had to cram together underneath two 10 x 10's (with the lights off) but the song remained the same (/geeky Zeppelin reference) and the party continued on. 

To the girl smoking and getting kissed by the man in the left side of this frame, thank you for engaging the camera. You made this photo for me.
I had to include this one. FigureM looks like she's got an awesome bass-face happening. 
Also, do you see it?
   The guy behind Michelangelo looks a little crazed (or sexually charged...or both.)
Phaxas, feelin' it.
"This be that hardcore dark outer-space bass"
Last photo of the night and a pretty adorable one at that. 
I hope this is a decent recap. I know there were tons of amazing things that I missed, such as the awards announcements and some of the other activities the night had to offer, but if you're interested in hearing/reading the outcome of the 2014 Mastermind Awards, I'll leave that to the pros and link you to the article written by the Miami New Times.

Now, as for what's coming up this month, we have a very exciting time ahead of us here in the 305. Yes, Winter Music Conference is almost here and if you've never experienced it, well, I suggest you hop on a flight for the week of March 23rd-29th and get your booties down to Miami. I'll give you some ideas of what to look forward to this month and will post an update as more shows get announced. 

I've listed these by date and have included a good mix of Art|Music|Culture, something for everyone's taste. There are even a couple work shops and networking events included. Now, this section has literally taken me hours to put together so I expect you to take some time, if you're reading, to click on the links I've included if they interest you. Support your local artists, musicians, great thinkers and venue spaces by liking their pages if they have them, or listen to their music, and definitely check out what Miami has to offer. 

This place is full of culture and we're doing our parts as artists and intellects to make something bigger than ourselves, for your enjoyment. I encourage everyone to do some research of your own. I've provided a solid base for you to find out information about almost every artist I've mentioned as well as the venues where these events are taking place. Each FB invite/screenshot is also a link so be sure to mouse over them and click if you want to see more information. We can NOT build a strong community without supporting one another. I don't get paid to do this, I represent from the heart. The least you can do is like a Facebook page. :P

#KELO Solo Art Show @ #004CONNEC Gallery 3/6-8
 KELO is a Miami Street Artist who is exhibiting his work for his solo show at the 004 Connec Gallery in Wynwood starting tomorrow up until Saturday. His work showcases a street technique in a fine art way and utilizes color and texture to convey his messages. Show him some love! 

This show, curated by Justin Hamel and Yess Miakoda of #YOUANDIARELOVE features artist Trek Six. I've mentioned him before but I'll repeat myself a little. This man is a seriously dedicated artist and he means business. His walls, canvases and street art pieces are simply beautiful. He'll be raffling off an original piece during this Saturdays Art Walk so if you want to get your hands on one of his pieces, you should go.

This is here to show support for the local ladies of Miami's art scene. Apparently we have a show of all female artists showcase work inspired by #BEYONCÉ. I wish I could say that I've seen work by all the women on the list but I can't. I can, however, say that if it's being curated by Diana Contreras and features work by KAZILLA, that's enough for me to support it because those two alone have been tearing Miami a new one with their awesome street art and their involvement in the community. 
 If you haven't been by The Good Wall yet, for shame! Diana is one of/if not the, main curators of The Good Wall and I have a square on the wall as well as almost every other incredibly talented visual artist in Miami (#AHOLSNIFFSGLUE, #ATOMIK, #VAGO, #REGISTEREDARTIST, the list goes on for miles.)
As I keep saying, with a name like FUNKYJAMNUGGETSTAIN, how can you not be curious?! Well, lucky for you I've provided you with a clue as to what kind of funky jam this will actually be. I Both Jamstain and the Funky Nuggets are coming to Miami with a mission, to fill the air with that funky vibration. So bring your booties and your nuggies and get down at Tobacco Road with us. Golden San will be opening up the night with their own two, followed by Jamstain and then our guests from out of town, The Funky Nuggets, will be closing out the night and I'm really excited to see what they have in store.


Okay. It is GOING DOWN this night. I want everyone to get weird, bring out your costumes, and celebrate Otto's birthday the way it's meant to be celebrated! This is Miami. Booty Bass Birthday Bash? Pfft. I'm so down. You see what it says down at the bottom of the invitation? LADIES DRINK FREE BRO. This is all self explanatory, right? I can shut up now? Good. See you there. & Listening Club present: #Vinyl as a new Medium @ #AUDIOTHEQUE 

I put this here for all of my music and techie listeners. This is another event I just became aware of and thought it would be interesting to add into the mix. John Van Der Slice, a professor of composition at UM, will be exploring his apparently giant collection of Vinyl with those in attendance. If you can't make it out to the event, they'll be doing a live webcast

Trade Concert Series Presents #BUDDHAFEST @ #TRADE
Buddahfest is an annual festival hosted at Trade. With powerful, live music by acts such as #URBANREBEL, spoken word by the master poet himself, #AlonsoMendez along with Live Art and Comedy...Let me just say that  #Danielreskin is one of the funniest people I know and certainly the most hardworking comedian in Miami. He has his own podcast, hosts a monthly night called #CASADEHAHA at #SWEATRECORDS as well as a bi-weekly night at #ELWOODSGASTROPUB (1st & 3rd Tuesdays of every month) so I would advise you check out this event based on him alone, that is, if you're into laughing. 

#IMNOTDELUSIONAL Mia Music Summit Happy Hour @ #LABMIAMI  
Honestly, this is something I was invited to and discovered today but if you're an aspiring entrepreneur and/or in the music industry, this is probably a good place to go. Networking so SO SO SO important and this is the type of community I'm talking about. With events like this, we can all meet each other and build even bigger webs of connections with other like-minded people, or at the very least, meet new people with similar interests.  You can even get a free ticket! DalĂ©!

Okay, okay, this isn't a Miami show but just in case I manage to have some readers in ATL or if you know any ATLiens yourself, this is going to be super cray cray. Atlanta is home base for most of the members of Telekinetic Walrus and this is their first show there since they formed the band in Miami back in 2010. If you can only imagine the love and support they're going to receive back home! 


If you're into live instrumentation, you want to be at this show. Between Zach Deputy and The Cornerstoners, your limbs will be aching in the best way possible from all the raging by the end of the night. Will Call Miami is also one of the very few, 24-hour venues so you know you can expect all night debauchery and potentially a hang over.  :P


Alright guys. We all know that good things must come to an end at some point. Although CBGB's transformed from what it once was, Churchill's will be following suit very soon and who really knows what the future will hold and although we're all sad to see it go, let's continue to support it until it's gone. I don't care if you've been "over Churchill's' for have to admit that it has housed some of your favorite Miami musical moments, sufficed when you needed to get it on in the bathroom/green room/laundry room, has hosted one of the better open mic nights in Miami for over a decade, as well as, delivered quality jazz music for even longer and is a home-base for locals to just come and unwind after a long day.  You know you're going to miss the place. They'll be streaming "CBGB The Film" and are featuring bands who have played the legendary venue in the past.

Nuff. Said. 

I included Bro Safari's Blackout show because my friend Stacey Love Coon and I will be body painting under black lights all night long! If this is your type of scene, come get painted! 

 For those trap and jungle fans, this will probably be a good WMC option for you. 


 This event is for all of you Miami Booty Bass heads. I mean, 2 Live Crew and the 69 Boyz, are you kidding me?! Oh Me So Horny and Tootsee Roll. That is all.

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