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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Exposed Across the Country

What's up everyone? 

I see that I'm consistently getting visitors from so many different countries now, it's honestly a little mind-blowing how this has traveled and is continuing to travel on it's own. I keep saying it, but I'm pretty happy with the organic motion of it all. <3 

Soon the page will have reached 5,000 views so thank you to everyone who comes by and who continues to do so!

We have been very busy over here, hence my lack of posting ^>.<^, but we have some exciting news! We are about to embark on our second National Tour (and this time I'm going!) titled: "That's Wassup Tour 2016" named after the new (currently unreleased) single "That's Wassup"!

The new single is gonna drop next week through OKplayer so stay tuned as I'll be posting links when it does. ;) Then we will finally be starting our journey and heading up the east coast, playing in Atlanta, Winston Salem, and then making or way up to the first major stop in Ithaca, New York for the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, where Telekinetic Walrus will be headlining the main stage. 

From there we make our way across the Midwest and stop at our next major destination, the Still Dream Music Festival in Belden, California. (I've never been to California so I'm personally really excited for this part of the trip.) 

From Belden, the band will be making their way around spreadin' that sweet sticky icky Walrus phunk throughout a couple areas on the west coast and I will be exploring the west as well. We will have a few weeks before our next big stop which is in Denver Colorado for the Space Owl Alliance of Music and Comedy, so I'm sure we are going to be checking out a lot of awesome places along the way.
After Colorado, the next big thing is at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans (another place I've never been and am super excited to experience) before we head back down to Florida and see more of our friends at home. 

Needless to say, I'm beyond excited. I'll be documenting everywhere I go as we go along and have decided to start a new photo project called "Exposed Across the Country" where I want to shoot lots of film and capture the country the way I know how. 

I plan to use a standard 35mm (or a few different 35mm cameras :P), my Holga for some Lomography, my Canon 5D Mark II, and one of my Kodak Brownies to shoot some 120 film as well. I want to shoot both color and black and white. This project is a preface to a much larger project that I've been working on for years now (which will also be a part of the Exposed Series) but we're not there just yet. ;)

I have been shooting film since I was 14, received my BFA in Creative Photography, have been working with film for over 10+ years and have over 80+ rolls of film from the past 12+ years of my life that HAVE NOT been developed/processed. I'm talking about film types they don't make anymore type old. My first trip to New York City, all the way to my last cruise to Jamaica. I have almost half of my life unexposed in film and so my main project will be to fix that. However, that will require a lot and I want to continue shooting some film this summer before I start thinking about an exhibition. 

So, with all of that being said. I need your help. Film is expensive, and so is the processing and so I'm starting a GoFundMe for this project and am looking for help from those who may be interested in helping me document the United States, from my perspective. I enjoy shooting anything from nature/landscapes, to architecture, to street photography, to social injustices. I love capturing the moment and feel like I have a unique and fresh perspective to share.

Below I've included details for our upcoming tour and in my previous post you see some of my photography from the events and festivals and I'll also be showing you some of my film photos too so you see what my work looks like. I will be offering incentives to everyone who donates such as stickers, original prints, custom journals and personalized travel postcard collages that I create from each different city I stop at and eventually, when I'm ready for the big project, I intend to share every single image in a book and make that available to my sponsors when the time comes. Anything helps, and I will be sharing my trip and progress along the way! I'm bringing my laptop so I can work remotely! 

We are projected to leave July 13th (SO SOON OHMAHGAH) and we all have a lot to do before then but I'm going to share with you all some of what we've been up to so you get an idea of how much work we all put into these tours, our merchandise and our goal, to share the message of love with every living being in all of the galaxies, universes and multiverses. Any type of support is welcomed and appreciated, even if it's sharing the links with people who you know love art, music, photography and culture and who enjoy supporting home grown, grassroots artists! <3

We have been printing an arsenal of new t-shirts for the past month and I'll be posting pictures of our new merch very soon!

Thanks again to everyone for all of the love and support. 
I can't do it alone and I can't do it without you. 

As Above: Walrus Tour Dates for "That's Wassup Tour 2016

 So Below: A flyer I created for the Space Owl Alliance of Music and Comedy.

 v  That New Walrus Phunk: Heady Hat Pins!  v

 Model: Amber Whitney

Walrus T's: Hand Printed By Us, With Love. <3 

 Walrus Albums and all other Merchandise available on our website Telekinetic Walrus
The New Shirts will be posted within the next couple of days and they're supa dupa fly.

Check out a little video that Y Diz made of us printing one of the new Tye-Dyed Tees!

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