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Thursday, April 30, 2015

That new #walrusphunk

I know it's been a while since I've posted (if this blog was more of a personal journal I'd share with everyone my past couple months and the wild ride I've been on) but since it's not, I won't get into it because I'll end up writing that novel I've been saying I'll write, forever. Anyway, here is a Walrus update for now.

The band is on the second leg of their #GoldPass tour, promoting their new album all up and down the East Coast. However, the Walrus will be extending their route this summer so expect some dates in NOLA, NY, NC and then eventually, we'll head West! In the meantime, while everyone waits in anticipation of the release of new full-length album The Spaceship with the Heavy Bass Bump (it's bananas that's how good it is) I have a couple new band photos to share. <3

Graphics and Animations by Cameron Mare

For all of our local friends, Telekinetic Walrus will be releasing their second Full-Length album titled "The Spaceship with the Heavy Bass Bump" this Saturday, May 9th, at The Stage Miami. They will be joined by some of the best local electronic acts in town; #Afrobeta, #TheGalacticEffect and #MasterFeathers! This is one of the last parties at The Stage before it closes so be sure to come out and rage with us!

It's finally here....
The Spaceship With The Heavy Bass Bump is now available! Remember, purchasing an album helps the band tour to YOUR city! We love and appreciate everyone and everything and hope you enjoy.

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