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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Telekinetic Walrus #TICTOCTOUR (Photography by Cortney 'Walrus' Cates)

III Points Festival - Miami Florida

We started off the tour at #IIIPoints Music Festival in our home town and then immediately after we journeyed to Shakori Hills for the #GrassrootsMusicFestival where #TelekineticWalrus took the main stage. After Grassroots, we played a show in Carrboro, North Carolina (no photos) and then had a show at the #OneStopDeli, attached to the Asheville Music Hall in Asheville, North Carolina. From there the photo sequencing gets a little skewed. The band played an impromptu show at #Ziggy's in Winston Salem but due to car troubles I didn't get to make it to that performance. I left the tour after that and met back up with them for their homecoming at #BlackbirdOrdinary in Brickell. We took video of that show so stay tuned for that! After Blackbird, Fantasy Fest should technically come next but thanks to Blogger and their inefficient means of organizing my photos, they appear later. I have photos from #Moonfest in West Palm Beach, Florida. What a fun time! West Palm knows how to get down! And #FantasyFest, well, what can I say? The photos should explain what an awesome and wild time we had. I highly suggest that any of you that have never been to the Halloween freak-show that is Fantasy Fest (in Key West, Florida) to come next year and make the trip! Anyway, I could go on forever about the tour and all of our experiences but you have enough to look at. ;) The new EP "Tic Toc" is officially released and available for download! We also have physical copies with beautiful artwork by Corinne Stevie and your support will only help us spread that positive #walrusphunk!

So what's next? Well, a Winter tour for starters (already being planned) and a FULL LENGTH album where the real juicy beats are. Seriously, I don't know if y'all are ready for how serious this album is.

Anyway, please enjoy my photos, check out our facebook page (Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions) or our instagram (@telekineticwalrus) and visit the bandcamp page to hear the new EP. We are all working really hard and appreciate all of the love and support, even if that means sharing the music with your friends who may dig the vibrations. <3 

Much love.

Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Festival - Shakori Hills, North Carolina

One Stop Deli - Asheville, North Carolina

 Moonfest - West Palm Beach, Florida

 Fantasy Fest - Key West, Florida

Personal Photo Experiments (NC/SC)


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