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Friday, September 19, 2014

Telekinetic Walrus #TICTOCTOUR 2014

Attention friends: 

Telekinetic Walrus has just finished putting together their next tour for this Fall! They'll be heading up to

The Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance 

in North Carolina, right after they drop their interstellar beats at III Points Festival- Music, Art & Tech in Wynwood, Miami. Once the Grassroots festival concludes, they have a couple more shows in North Carolina, including one at the One Stop Deli & Bar, which is a part of the Asheville Music Hall. The tour flyer with the dates is posted below, in case any out-of-towners are trying to catch a show. They have a date in TN, and a bunch of North Florida dates! Everyone over here has been working really hard and we have a fun activity we'd like our friends and fans to partake in (I even did one...see photo below.) and in return we want to hook you up with some #walrusphunk!

If you color in this image (above) in your own Funky way and send it to we'll give you a FREE limited edition Believers of The Flying Squirrel Tour Compilation CD (those are badass!!!) You'll also get a FREE physical copy of the BRAND NEW "Tic Toc" EP BEFORE IT'S RELEASED! ANNND your design could be chosen as the header image for all of our #TicTocTour event pages (with due Cred, of course).

  ^ Here is an example of just one way you can have fun and color this page in! Print it out and draw/color by hand if that suits you more. We'd love to have you guys participate, especially all of you over there in Germany, Turkey, France and Russia! Not excluding any of the other countries who visit this blog, we want everyone to have some fun with it & get a super-sick-nasty EARLY RELEASE of their upcoming EP "TIC TOC." Take it from me, this is something you want sooner rather than later. The freshness is almost unbearable. ;) Peep the tour flyer, check out the dates, download the coloring page (Character design by band member Corinne Stevie) and show some love.

*Oct. 10 - III Points - in #Wynwood Miami, Florida, the 2nd annual festival, this year with Flying Lotus, Lykke Li, Four Tet (Official), RJD2 & many more. We're pumped to be one of the hometown bands reppin for this event. -
*Oct. 11 - Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance - in Pittsboro, North Carolina
*Oct. 12 -Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance - We could not express in words how much we love our GrassRoots fam, this festival, and how pumped we are for these two days. It's beyond description. Just get there.
*Oct. 14 - The Station in Carrboro, North Carolina / Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Oooh Yea we're bringing it back to Carrboro/Chapel Hill for another party at a really great vibing spot.
*Oct. 15 - The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall, in Asheville, North Carolina - We're teaming up with Asheville tune crafters STEREOSPREAD and RAIS for a night of dopeness in a city well-versed in dopeness. Home of the beloved Moog Music Inc. and so many amazing musicians & artists. We're honored and excited to play in Asheville with these great musicians.
*Oct. 17 - Longbranch Saloon in Knoxville, Tennessee - we've teamed up with The Tennessee Kid and Two Hundo for a night of Hip Hop and Bass, mostly, with a touch of Tennessee moonshine.
*Oct. 19 - Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, Florida - our Jacksonville debut. North Eastern Florida, prepare thine selves for #WalrusPhunk! W/ Daniel and the Lion (Fall Tour), Jeremiah Daly, Michaela Thomas (Fall Tour w/ Daniel and the Lion)
*Oct. 21 - We had to come back to Fubar Downtown in St. Petersburg, FL - they all got way rowdy and we had way too much fun. We can't wait for the return.

*Oct. 23 - Blackbird Ordinary in the homietown Miami, more specifically, Miami Downtown Brickell - one of, if not, the best stages in Miami. Outside. Fresh ocean air. Heavy bass. FREE cover. What else could you want?
*Oct. 24 - Seadog Tavern at Key West Fantasy Fest - People, it's time to get super cray cray. This is a dream come true for us. If you're from Florida and have never been to Fantasy Fest, then this is your year.

 (I am personally super excited about this show, I'm a native to South Florida and one of my only regrets in life has been not going to Fantasy Fest a few years ago when I had the perfect opportunity. Now, I have another one, score!)
*Oct. 25 - Moonfest in West Palm Beach, Florida - This is the official last show of The Tic Toc Tour and we're psyched to be a part of MoonFest. By this point The Tic Toc EP will be out into the general public, tickling eardrums across the galaxy.

If you have any family, friends, or extraterrestrials that live in any of these cities, or their surrounding areas, please hit that SHARE button and tag your peeps (or aliens)! For every person that shares, a subwoofer gets its DEEP BOOTY BUMP.

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