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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy birthday Mr. Feathers!

     So Wednesday night at #Churchill's Pub we celebrated Mr. Feathers birthday! #Fotre #Pocketoflollipops #Beatmachines along with a special set by the birthday boy, #MasterFeathers. Not to mention a quick shredding session by Miami's Godfather of Noise, #RatBastard. 

     These images are kind of a new style of photography for me that I just started to fully formulate. I've been playing with digital darkroom techniques as well as fun and modern digital tricks to create these images. They're heavily inspired by things that you can do in camera and/or darkroom (some of these are completely in camera but most have been layered up in post. Can you tell the few that I didn't layer?) but they're also a fun trial of what you can do in the purely digital realm of information and 1's and 0's.

     I'm having tons of fun with these so you know you can expect an ongoing series because I've finally found a way to fall in love with my event photos without getting bored. I hope you enjoy, I had a really hard time editing them down. I have each project labeled with a link for each artist or group who performed, just in case you'd like to show some support and hear/read/follow etc. I had so much fun at this show, period, that it left me feeling refreshed and inspired. Voila. <3 

I will be taking a break from filming but I will be shooting stills at the next #Telekineticwalrus performance tonight at #Bardot for the #FilmGateInteractiveFestival so you can definitely expect some more psychotic, eye candy/stage Rorschach/visual chaos in the next few days. =^~.~^=

(Tony of Afrobeta and J.J. of Suenalo) #

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